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About Us

Welcome to Jorgen Craft!

We are a Husband and Wife team of Historical Re Enactors with a genuine passion for re creating weapons, tools, accessories, jewellery using our combined skills and over 15 years experience in Viking Re Enactment.

Our work began in Poland when we collaborated with a regional Knightly Order (Bractwo Rycerskie Ziemi Sandomierskiej), and continued through a long period with a Viking group called the Swords of Norland (Miecze Norlandu). We are currently established in the UK and cooperate with prominent re-enactment societies such as The Vikings and Jomsborg.

You will find many wonderfully crafted items for sale on our site.  You're also welcome to use these itams as a launchpad for your own requirements for a custom made piece. We strive to produce high-quality work and we accept commissions for items from a wide variety of different periods and themes.

In our work we aim to use typical techniques from the early Middle Ages, for example forging, carving, embossing, or repousse technique, and using the tools closest to those of Medieval craftsmen. With our background in archaeology studies and our dedication to research, we have been able to accommodate museums and high standard reenactors.

Our replicas are made using only natural materials that were available in the Middle Ages, such as, vegetable tanned leather and various metals (including bronze, brass, and silver), silk, etc. 

We proudly invite you to browse through our wares and we welcome your enquiries.

Monika & Jacek Robótka


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