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Workshop stories

   Sabre in progress

   Damascus material preparation



   Customised blacksmithing class - making straight razor

   Blacksmithing course results

   Spinning combs

   Folding knife from Novgorod and hammer

   Spurs (for reconstruction only, not to be used for horses)

   Drinking horn fittings

   Copy of spearhead from Wielbark culture from Zadowice, Poland

   Javelin head from Wielbark culture from Rozwad√≥w, Poland

   Germanic project



     Forge welded blades                                                                                   Blades

   Wrought iron and spring steel san mai.

   Irish pouch.

   Timber Framing Slick 3"


   Koser - folding sickle.




   Germanic seax in progress.

   Type X axe in progress.                                                                                Inlaying process.                                                                                          Final effect.

   Broken back seax - leather tooling in progress.                Battle ready broken back seax and Irish pouch.


   Lamellar belt - Gotland


   Slavic set                                                                                        Lamellar belt - Gotland

   Migration period langseax   

  Migration period seax, battle ready broken back seax, slavic knife...



   Customised sword scabbards completed.

   Customised sword scabbards in progress.

   Simple knives, perfect for living history camp.
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