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Handforged axeheads, spearheads made to your specification.

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Axe with Hadeby style mask
Hand forged axe made of carbon steel. Axe mask is based on Hadeby find and made of oak wood. Metal ring to hang the axe on belt. The head is 138mm from end-to-end with a 75mm cutting edge. The 540mm shaft made of oak with leather wrap.
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Dane axe head
Dane axe head forge welded from 50HF steel, made from two two pieces welded together. Dimensions: 350mm x 150mm. (Shaft not included).
Battle-axe, Podhorce, Lvov distr.
This battle axe is based on find from 'the great identical grave No. 2', Podhorce, Lvov distr., dated 10th cent. The axe has a head forged from old iron and steel (cutting edge). The head is 130mm from end-to-end with a 45mm cutting edge and inlaid with copper on both sides. The 500mm shaft is made of flame blackened oak and provided with wrist loop.  
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