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Handmade historic tools, fully operational.

Important information for purchasing Knives, Seax or Axes within the UK:
We will not sell a knife, seax or axe to anyone under the age of 18.
Before purchasing we will ask you to send us proof of your date of birth by email. This can be in the form of a copy of your passport, ID card or driving licence.


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Hand forged hammer from steel with oak shaft. Head length 100mm, shaft 250cm, weight approx. 200g.
Scissors hand forged from spring steel. Length: 180mm.
Bow drill
Hand made bow drill from steel, handle make from oak. Bow length 500mm, drill length 180mm.
Carving chisel
Hand made carving chisel from steel with oak handle. Length 170mm.
Hand forged file from carbon steel, handle made of oak. Length 270mm.
Hand forged hacksaw based on find from Novgorod, made frrom steel. Length 315mm.
Ring and dot auger
Hand made ring and dot auger from steel with oak handle, includes three different bits. Length 120mm.
Woodworking planer
Woodworking planer made from oak, blade made from carbon steel, based on find that is currently in National Museum in Copenhagen. Width 45mm, blade width 30mm, total length 200mm.
Draw knife
Hand forged woodworking draw knife, blade made from carbon steel, handles from oak. Blade width 20mm, blade length 130mm, total length 400mm.
Hand forged hacksaw, frame made from mild steel, standard hacksaw blade from shop (exchangable), handle from oak. Width 100mm, blade length 310mm, total length 450mm.
Small tongs
Hand forged tongs made from steel. Total length 180mm.
Woodworking chisel
Hand forged woodworking chisel, blade made from carbon steel, handle from oak. Blade width 12mm, total length 220mm.
Leatherwork awl
Spike made of carbon steel, oak handle, based on find from Oseberg ship. Overall length 150mm, spike length 50mm.
Awl with sheath
Spike made of carbon steel, turned american walnut handle and deer antler hilt band. Leather scabbard with thong to hang the awl on belt. Overall length 160mm, spike length 50mm.
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