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Migration period langseax
Migration period langseax made from EN45 spring steel, hand forged, hilt made of oak with brass fittings. Scabbard made of vegetable tanned leather with brass studs and fittings, hand stitched, two leather straps to hang the seax on belt. Overall length 700mm, blade length 470mm, blade width (at the widest point) 35mm, blade thickness 5mm
Migration period scabbard
Scabbard and handle inspired by Migration period finds. Handle made from brass, buffalo horn, bog oak and decorated with filigree brass fittings. Scabbard made of leather with wooden core, brass fittings and filigree brass fittings. Price includes scabbard and handle. Blade made by Owen Bush.
Migration period sheath
Migration period knife sheath made of vegetable tanned leather with brass fittings, decorated with tooled ornament. Scabbard is provided with leather thong. Handle made of american walnut and brass fittings. Work commissioned by Owen Bush. Blade made by Owen Bush.
Cuchillo Simancas knife
Cuchillo Simancas knife. Roman period. Blade made from 50HF steel, handle entire made from brass. Scabbard with wooden core, covered with leather and with brass fittings. Total length 250mm, Blade length 150mm, Width 45mm.
Roman fork & spoon
Roman fork & spoon entire made from brass. Based on original finds. Approx. length 200mm
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