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Bolt quiver
Hand stitched bolt quiver made from leather. Upper edge is hardened with bees wax. Two leather straps to hang the quiver on belt. Height 250mm.
Crossbow bolts
Crossbow bolts. Turned heads made from steel, shafts made of pine wood with ash vanes. Total length 260mm.
Mongolian arrow quiver and bowcase
Arrow quiver- Handstitched brown and red leather, linen lined interior. Two small pockets on front for easy access to arrows to shoot from the saddle. Crossed leather strapping to keep arrows in place while riding. Copper and brass circular discs for decoration. Coyote tail attachment for cleaning after the hunt. Straps with leather cording to attach to belt on exterior. Bow case - Handstitch
Pushpin crossbow from Lillohus
Pushpin crossbow, based on find from Lillehus, Sweden. Made of beech and oak. Pin made of deer antler.   
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