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Needle Cases

All our jewellery is handmade mostly of brass and prices shown on website apply only to brass products. We can make jewellery from sterling silver on request. We also make jewellery to your specification.

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Viking needle case
Viking needlecase with chain made of brass, metal ribs have ends hanging down like teeth, and are decorated with dot and circle impressions. This needlecase is a reconstruction of needle case found at Stöng, Iceland, which was dated circa mid and late 11th cent. When it was found it was filled with horse hair from the mane or the tail of a dark horse. (ref.Vilhjálmur Örn Vilhjálmsson
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Viking needle case
Viking needle case with chain made of brass. This needle case is a reconstruction of needle case found Gotland. The needle case is open at both ends, and had a ring in the center. It is filled with wool to put the needles in. Needle cases are very frequently found in female graves of the late Viking period. They were an important accessory as well as a functional tool. Length 65mm, diameter 1
Seax scabbard
Bolt quiver
Carving chisel
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