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My name is Jacek Robotka and I am an artist and blacksmith originally from Tarnobrzeg, Poland. I am proficient in many different aspects of manufacturing crafts, from metalworking through to saddlery and woodcarving to antlercraft, a skill that is ever more rare in our present times. Before I moved to Great Britain I received a comprehensive education: I first trained at a trade school as a locksmith-mechanic, then at an automotive technical college, before earning a degree in Archaeology at the University of Lodz. In trade school I attended blacksmithing lessons, where my lifelong passion for metalcrafting was born. I am always deepening my knowledge by looking for more information about historical metallurgy, survival, hunting, martial arts, fencing weapons and firearms, and their tactical use.

My first artistic creations were made in a simple garage workshop over a decade and a half ago. Since then my experience has been steadily growing and I have created many items which brought joy to enthusiasts of unique hand crafting. Some of these, including a number of knives and leather goods, are for modern use, but I have also crafted an impressive number of items recreated from historical finds like swords, seaxes and jewellery.

My wide range of abilities makes me a hugely valuable specialist in the area of crafting unique and high-quality items; I am experienced in blacksmithing, metallurgy, welding, leather-, wood-, antler- and bonecrafting, and also possess knowledge of blacksmithing, locksmithing and casting techniques as well as medieval item crafting techniques.

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