All our knives and seaxes are hand forged. We make blades using mostly carbon steel. Hilts are made of horn, antler, bones and various types of wood. Sheathes are made from vegetable tanned leather and fittings are mainly from brass. We also make custom products to your specification (blunt or sharp).

Important information for purchasing Knives, Seax or Axes within the UK:

We will not sell a knife, seax, axe or sword to anyone under the age of 18. Before purchasing we will ask you to send us proof of your date of birth by email.
This can be in the form of a copy of your passport, ID card or driving licence.

Most of products in the shop are made to order, anything in stock is located in ‘Available Now’ category. Lead times will depend on the product type.
Currently for bigger project s waiting time is min 20 weeks. For any additional info please contact us at